what we do

Current State Review

Review your current processes and practices + suggest improvements.

Hiring Management

Manage all of your hiring (end to end) or whichever part you need help with.

Sourcing Strategies

Design data driven, creative sourcing strategies for each and every hire. We’re experts in this. We even train competitors in it.

Hiring Bible

Create a hiring knowledge base for your company, even just guides on job descriptions, interviewing and reference checks.

Employer Branding

We’ll give you the must-know knowledge on Employer Branding to make sure you’re doing what you need to.

Employee On-Boarding

Offer accepted! Now what? Design (or optimise) the employee onboarding process.

Salary & Market Analysis

Need market information on salaries? Maybe you need to compare different jobs + salaries?

Careers Page

Design, optimise and/or manage your jobs or careers page. As one of your first interactions with a potential hire, and viewed by all candidates, make it compelling.

First P&C Hires

When you’re ready, we’ll hire (and train, if necessary) your in-house Talent or People & Culture team.


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